PUBLISHED DATE: Aug 10, 2020


We are here with the latest product offerings from HCL Software to keep technology, people and processes stay relevant in the cloud-native space.

This quarter’s list of product releases includes:

Accelerate v2.0 - Make work visible and bring unity to your DevOps strategy with HCL Accelerate, our Value Stream Management platform. HCL Accelerate integrates with your existing DevOps toolchain so you can visualize, orchestrate, and optimize your continuous delivery value streams using a unique ‘dots’ visualization method. New features in 2.0 include environment gating based on policy management, out-of-the box reports, and customizable plugins.

Launch v7.1– Deploy anything, anywhere with HCL Launch, our flexible continuous delivery tool. HCL Launch is engineered to handle your most complex deployment situations with push-button automation and controlled auditing needed in production. From mainframe to micro-services and everything in-between, HCL Launch modernizes continuous delivery with hundreds of integrations to build on your existing toolchain. HCL Launch 7.1 contains new features like deployment triggers to automate corporate governance and external approval processes to ensure that deployments only proceed if they have passed specific business rules.

Commerce v9.1 - HCL Commerce is used by innovative businesses around the world to drive more than $100 billion in annual digital revenue. By combining the trusted scale, security and performance you expect, with the speed and flexibility of a modern cloud native commerce architecture, we are helping clients deliver the next generation of world-class customer experiences that go beyond the transaction and change the narrative on how and where to engage customers across the customer journey.

Domino Connector for SAP – HCL Domino Connector for SAP Solutions simplifies integration between Domino applications and various SAP enterprise solutions, specifically, CRM, HR, ERP, and finance applications.

OneTest v10.1 – New in 10.1: Kubernetes and OpenShift Support; and the introduction of the OneTest Server, and OneTest Data, a data fabrication tool to make sure the right data is on hand for testing.

Unica v12.1 – Unica V12.1 is an integrated, cloud-native marketing platform that offers: Cloud Native, Integrated Platform & Goal Based Marketing, More Consumable Pricing Model and Quickstart Offerings.

Compass v2.0 - HCL Compass is the low-code/no-code change management software to accelerate project delivery. Compass is a change management software that raises developer productivity and accommodate multimodal development. From agile boards, to SAFe processes, and work item management, HCL Compass offers a complete track and plan solution.

VersionVault v2.0 - HCL VersionVault manages change across the software development cycle – from plan to design to build to test. It provides scalable, controlled, world-wide access to any product development assets, including software, hardware, large binary files, requirements, design documents, models, test plans and test results. VersionVault balances deployment flexibility with effective control of software and hardware assets.

Clara v - HCL Clara is the product expert who helps users learning HWA capabilities and enables self service automation. Clara goes beyond FAQs as she also transforms routine tasks in unique experiences, which increases end users satisfaction as they can get simple things done through contextual conversations such as “Check workload execution status and reports”, “Return a Job” or “Check if there are Jobs in error” for WA.

HERO v1.0.0.3 - HCL Hero, a Software Solution that helps IT Administrators of HCL Software products to monitor the health of their products infrastructure and perform informed actions with specialized runbooks. Offering features like multi environment monitoring, smart runbooks library and predictive KPI’s for issue prevention. .

Automation Power Suite – New bundle offering comprising of HCL Workload Automation, HCL HERO and HCL Clara. With Automation Power Suite, customers can automate more, better and smarter to build an enterprise automation platform. Automation Hub, our marketplace help orchestrate critical business applications with cutting-edge integrations, covering the spectrum from IT tasks to business processes.

SafeLinx v1.1 –HCL SafeLinx enables secure access from mobile computing devices from business applications and data. With SafeLinx reverse proxy, HCL Nomad customers can securely access their Domino apps on a phone, tablet, or desktop browser without the need of an additional VPN.

Atlas v2.0 – HCL Atlas is a high-feature, low-cost, multi-tenant business email solution with white-labeling capability designed to handle enterprise workloads. HCL Atlas provides organizations the opportunity to digitally engage with employees that would otherwise be priced out of email and collaboration with traditional enterprise services.

One Test Embedded v8.3 – HCL OneTest Embedded focuses on developer testing – the kind only code authors can perform effectively, in addition to easily testing written components, and analyzing the reliability and performance of applications as they run on host development systems. Additionally, detailed test and runtime analysis reports are hyperlinked to the relevant source code. It combines component testing and runtime analysis into a single, integrated developer-centric testing solution.

One Test Suite –The HCL OneTest suite includes UI testing, performance testing, API testing, test data management, and service virtualization.

Domino Volt CD (Version 1.0.1 ) – HCL Domino Volt is a low-code capability that makes it easy to develop powerful, secure, and enterprise-grade applications on the Domino platform. This release continues to empower the citizen developer by enabling them to unleash their Domino Data, extend their application reach, and easily access enterprise data, all without the need for technical skills.

RTist CD – HCL RTist is an Eclipse-based modeling and development environment for creating complex, event-driven, real-time applications. Supporting the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and its real-time profile (UML-RT), RTist allows developers to design their applications at a higher abstraction level than code.

AppScan v10.0.1 – HCL AppScan is a comprehensive solution for application security testing and management activities that integrates directly into your software development lifecycle (SDLC) tools and DevOps toolchains and processes. AppScan V10.0.1 offers fast, agile, accurate scanning with greater accuracy, and provides you with an expanded set of testing and compliance reporting capabilities. You can read more about AppScan V10.0.1 in our blog.

BigFix 10.0.1 – HCL BigFix is the only endpoint management platform that enables IT operations and security teams to fully automate discovery, management, and remediation – on-premise, virtual, or cloud – regardless of an operating system, location or connectivity. BigFix 10.0.1 adds integration with Google Cloud Platform to discover and manage even more cloud assets. Additionally, enhanced security, automated reporting, and performance enhancements are also included in this release. Read more in our blog.

Digital Experience CD – HCL DX is the trusted and proven platform for organizations worldwide that meets the demanding requirements necessary to digitize business-critical processes and make them available to online audiences. In this latest release, we have added additional cloud native capabilities that make this rock-solid platform faster and easier than ever before.  Read more in our blog.

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