Aruba Integration

Learn more about Aruba ClearPass integration for BigFix. Aruba ClearPass provides role and device-based network access control for IoT, BYOD, corporate devices, as well as employees, contractors and guests across any multivendor wired, wireless and VPN infrastructure. The integration for BigFIx helps to quickly identify and discover information about endpoints, patch operating systems and continuously monitor the inventory to ensure endpoint compliance. ​​

Unpatched systems are a big threat to organizations as hackers frequently look for ways to find and leverage known vulnerabilities, BigFix aims to keep the endpoints secure by ensuring they are patched on the network. With a rich set of device attritbutes gathered from the agents running on an endpoint, these attributes can be used by ClearPass Policy Manager for more endpoint context data. Unpatched or non-compliant systems can be sent to a quarantine zone to ensure they do not have access to valuable network assets.


Get context for Compliance, Lifecycle, Inventory, and Patch to better manage and secure endpoints across the organization's network.

Automated synchronization of near-real time endpoint data from BigFix into Aruba ClearPass.

BigFix Requirements

The minimum software version required for ClearPass is 6.7.2. At the time of writing, ClearPass 6.9.2is the latest available and recommended release. Any subsequent ClearPass software release will support this integration. ClearPass runs on either hardware appliances with pre-installed software, or as a Virtual Machine under the following hypervisors. Hypervisors that run on a client computer such as VMware Player are not supported



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