Flexible Deployment and Integrations

The most flexible and compatible deployment and integration system in the business using industry-leading technology like Docker and Kubernetes.


Cloud Native for Business-Critical Digital Experiences

Cloud-native computing is revolutionizing software delivery, implementation and maintenance — and the benefits to organizations are too compelling to ignore.

91% fewer instances of downtime for internal and external sites.
70% faster time to market using modern development technologies.

Fully integrates with your current — and future — technology stack.

HCL Digital Experience is an open framework that can easily hook up to your most integral systems to provide a complete end user digital experience.

Works out of the box with no need to purchase add-ons or develop custom workarounds.

Support for Docker, Kubernetes, RedHat OpenShift — and newly added Microsoft Azure and Amazon EKS —means ultimate flexibility and portability, and you can deploy 10x faster.

Connect your data the way you want.

Provide personalized digital experiences that allow employees, customers, and citizens to interact with people, content, and applications anywhere, anytime.

APIs help you connect your data the way you want through portlets, widgets, page components, page layouts, application integration, site creation, and page rendering.

Your connected data seamlessly feeds into these user experiences dynamically.

Scalable and reliable, with the broadest cloud-native platform support.

Install in the cloud or on-premises in minutes.

Support is provided for all market-leading public, private, and hybrid clouds to always provide a secure, reliable experience.

Automated provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling, and self-healing via Kubernetes support dramatically reduces total cost of ownership.

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  • Give users a single point of personalized access to the applications, services, information and social connections they need.
  • Provide digital experiences that engage audiences – in all industries – across any channel.

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