HCL Sametime: Secure Meetings for Modern Teamwork

Enterprise-grade security allows you to collaborate safely.

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Rock-Solid Data Privacy, Encryption, and Auditability

Your data and conversations are protected — in private cloud or on-premises. You can establish the security policies and deployment options required for your business, and it means no time- and money-wasting data breaches.

Instant Meetings and Chat with One Click.

No waiting and no need to download software to start or join a meeting. You are seconds away from secure team chat, video meetings, and file sharing.

Deploy on a Secure Private Cloud or on-Premises

You get fast deployment with containers and scale with Kubernetes; with a simpler install and few servers. Automation saves on configuration and administration time, saving time and lowering TCO.

Never Lose an Action Item after the Video Meeting Has Ended.

With persistent meeting chat and a video recording, everyone stays updated after the call has ended. Teams can chat and talk without losing the context of the conversation — before, during, and after a meeting.

Looking for Sametime Cloud-Hosting Solutions?

We know cloud, hybrid, and on-premises are all important delivery options, and we understand that our customers want choice, security, innovation, and continuity for their business.

See how our HCL Cloud Hosting Partners can deliver cloud services directly to you, including the migration of data from another cloud service to theirs.

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