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Tony Arnold Unica CMO & Steve Kopelic Unica Global Head of Sales Management welcome you to HCL Unica: Announcing the exciting new Unica platform – precision marketing at a scale.

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Chhatrapal Dhapekar Head of Unica Support details how to obtain the latest Unica software release, how to gain access to dedicated technical support for your HCL Unica products, and more!

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Unica 12.0 Brochure
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Unica Resources

The main information hub that houses all your content, contact options and links to forums and other info.
The Unica Blog
The Unica blog features articles that go in-depth into various topics from marketing trends to deep technical explanations of the platform and its functionality.
Unica Knowledge Base
Discover Unica implementation guides for the whole Unica Portfolio and all the existing Unica product versions.
Unica Linkedin Page
Follow this unique interactive marketing channel for weekly Unica news and keep up to date on the latest events and happenings by following the HCL LinkedIn profile.
Unica LIVE
Get your enablement straight from the Unica source with every Unica video series housed in our educational site, Unica Live. Get Product Management updates, marketing trends and hot topics, or even Geek Out On Unica with technical knowhow and tutorials from the product and service teams.
Unica on Aha!
Help us continue to develop the platform by giving us direct feedback about enhancements you would like to see made to all the Unica modules.
Unica Linkedin Group
Tap in to our network of professionals, ask questions and engage with them on your Unica use cases.
Unica Support Forum
Ask our enormous user base for answers to the questions that are grinding your gears. Tap into the expertise of thousands of users and learn tips to get the most out of the Unica platform.

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Aybuke, Unica Client Advocacy Manager
“ Some mission quote on the Client Advocacy Program"

Unica Client Advocacy Program

Your success with HCL Software products isn't just about keeping systems up and running - it's about maximizing the value of your investment and achieving your business goals. The HCL Client Advocacy Program offers dedicated supporting to your product implementation, development and training needs.

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